Guess Me Challenger
Secured Private Messaging Scheduler

PRIMLER is an incredible guess me challenger, private messenger & messaging scheduler that allows you to send guess me challenge and schedule messages for the future without revealing your identity. Share your privileged thoughts and views!

Do you want to know how well your friends know you? Send a guess me challenge with little information about you and let the fun begin.

Most of us would love to be expressive and speak our mind but at times we hold ourselves back due to the fear of being judged..

The word Expressive means "Effectively conveying a thought or feeling".

We like to be expressive with our friends, family members, colleagues, etc.. or even want to be whistle blower..

App Features

Guess Me Challenge

Send a challenge to your friends and find out how well they know you

Guess Me Questions

Add custom questions & answers about you and make it more interesting

Private Messenger

Send a feedback or message privately to anyone via email address

Message Scheduler

Schedule your message to be sent with in next hour or day or month or year


Schedule your private message to multiple recipients, it will be delivered individually

Time Zone

Messages can be scheduled for a particular date & time of any country time zone

Guess Me Private Messaging Scheduler


Draft your private messages and complete at your convenient time


Send upto 5 attachments with each scheduled message


Recipients can response to your messages via web link or app even if it's been sent privately

Cancellation & Reschedule

Cancel or reschedule your messages anytime before the scheduled time


Scheduled messages will be sent even if the mobile is off or has no internet at the scheduled time


You will receive notifications for scheduled message prior to sending and summary after sent

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